The Best Season Yet

 Photography: my awesome best friend!

Photography: my awesome best friend!

Never in my 32 years did I think I would ever become involved in the sport of hunting. This is a sport that is not entirely new to my surroundings but it is new to my personal list of hobbies. Both my husband and brother have grown up being very involved in the sport which is the reason for it not being entirely new to me. I know for a fact that I would have never become involved in this if it wasn't for the two of them.

I have come to realize that this sport is very rewarding but also requires a lot of work. It takes so much time and dedication both in-season and off-season. Kind of like training for the Olympics. Ha! I will spare you, for now, and not share all the nitty gritty details that go into each season. But, I will share with you some of my favorite things about the sport.

 Photography: my awesome best friend!

Photography: my awesome best friend!

1. LOTS of quality time with those that you love - My husband, my brother, my brother's girlfriend and our Mississippi crew.

2. The food - This sport allows us to put meat on the table but we also get to eat some good southern cooking every weekend away hunting. We like to call this "bulking season". All of the healthy/clean eating regimens are thrown out the window and it is full on stuff your face mode. All of the restaurants are local, family owned establishments that serve everything just as if you are sitting in your grandmother's kitchen. I'm talking sweet tea that is so good it will rot your teeth out, a secret sweet potato casserole recipe, meat and three options and fried catfish dinners that you have to go early before they sell out. It sounds like I am more in love with the eating than the hunting :)

3. Time spent outdoors - It is a breath of fresh air to get outside and enjoy what God has created. Sitting in the woods during a hunt can be so peaceful and relaxing. So relaxing that I have become pretty good at napping in the tree stand ;) Even if your not a hunter, I challenge you to become more involved on hikes/walks through your local greenway or trails because it brings a nice relief from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

4. The challenge - Go ahead and label yourself as a level 10 stalker in this sport. You have to be very strategic in just about every move you make, every placement you make and watching every move the deer make. But, if you do all this right, luck is in your favor!

5. The reward - To me, the reward is that feeling of accomplishment. Getting my first buck was a huge accomplishment and something I will never forget. So much adrenaline came over me in that moment. I sad a lot of choice words that I never use in my daily vocabulary, I cried, I smiled and then I realized that the hard work paid off and I can do anything that I set my mind too.

6. Looking back at the last 5 things, I wrote more about food...priorities :)

Here's to closing out the season in Mississippi and one proud husband!

 Photography: iPhone

Photography: iPhone



Marinated Vegetables


Happy Friday! We are less than a week away from the day that we give thanks and stuff our faces with all the foods. I bring you another one of my favorite dishes I look forward to every Thanksgiving. Marinated vegetables. This vegetable plate is a good addition to any spread because it packs in a good punch of flavor and is served up cold, which makes it super easy to prep in advance. You may be thinking, vinegar and sugar?! I know, I think is an interesting combination, but they compliment each other so well in this dish. Your basically marinating your vegetables in a sweet vinaigrette dressing you would use for a salad.

I don't know why I seem to only make this dish around Thanksgiving. It would be great to serve year round rather it be warm or cold weather. So, as your starting to plan out your Thanksgiving menu, consider adding this to your spread! It would definitely add a pop of color to the table too!

Happy Feasting!

Marinated Vegetables.png


Sweet Potato Casserole


Today I want to share the dish that makes me do the happy dance at Thanksgiving. Sweet. Potato. Casserole. I mean, come on, who doesn't love a side dish that is more like a dessert? This has comfort food written all over it. What makes it even better are the marshmallows on top. There are many different varieties of how people top off their casserole but I honestly think that the marshmallows are what make it all that much more enjoyable. I didn't include it on the recipe below, but, don't be afraid to add a little brown sugar here and there. It would definitely bring all the creamy and sweet flavors together. If you are one of the many that enjoys having this at Thanksgiving, high fives to you! If you are not familiar with this dish, but curious, please do me a favor and make it. I don't think you will regret it!

Happy Feasting!

Sweet Potato Casserole-2.jpg


Cheers to Summer!

Ya'll, it's still blazing hot here in the south. I love this time of year for many reasons and one of the biggest ones is getting to spend time outside. Outside by the pool, with my toes in the sand, on the lake, sitting on a patio and each of those usually involving a refreshing bevy in hand. Which brings me to introducing you to one of my favorite go to summer cocktails. 

My husband was out in Denver, CO on a business trip so I tagged along for a weekend getaway. We had a close friend living there at the time and she was the best at showing us around the city. She knows our love for trying new foods and drinks and that is just what we did. We ate and drank our way through Denver.

There are so many great places that I can recommend but the one that I want to focus on today is where I met my love for grapefruit and jalapeño all mixed in to one tasty cocktail. The Pepper Blossom. 

All the credit goes to the bartenders at Root Down located in Denver, CO. I loved this drink so much that after we got back home I had to search for recipes to replicate it. Well, I think that the bartenders at Root Down already knew how much people loved this cocktail and did the work for us. I will link the recipe at the bottom.

If you have a love for jalapeño-infused cocktails, then this is a must try. Trust me on this one! One of the ingredients, jalapeño-infused simple syrup, takes a little prep work. But, this ingredient lasts up to three weeks in the fridge so you could totally use it in other craft cocktails! I have not tried any pre-made syrups because making it yourself is pretty simple and inexpensive. The brand of vodka is completely your preference but I think that a good quality liquor definitely adds to the overall taste and smoothness. St. Germain is something I had never heard of before this drink. It is a liqueur flavored with elderflower which is a white flower that blooms during the spring in France. You should read up on their history, it's pretty cool! For the grapefruit and lemon juices, I usually go the easy route and buy the bottle. However, there is no reason why you couldn't go all natural with fresh squeezed juices from each!


Click here for recipe.



I have linked other cocktails that you could make with the St. Germain and homemade jalapeño simple syrup. Enjoy!



Sunny California Girls Trip

Hello! Here’s to the first of many travel posts to come because experiencing what God has created is a must for me. A couple of weeks ago I headed out of town to the west coast with my girlfriends to sip on wine, LOTS of wine. It is always nice to have girl time with the ladies that went through those life changing moments of becoming an independent adult in college. We always pick right back up and there is never a dull moment. Why the west coast? Because some of the ladies live out there and some are about to open their own wine shop! Send me all the wines, kthx!

We started the first half of the trip in Napa Valley, CA where the only thing on our agenda was riding around in a limo, stopping at several vineyards and sipping on bubbles and wine. Reserve a limo and thank me later. Our stops were Domaine Chandon, V. Sattui, Peju, Del Dotto and Jacuzzi.

The second half of our trip was spent in sunny San Francisco. We stayed in an adorable neighborhood called the Marina District which is very convenient to food, bars and shops. Things we conquered while here: Golden Gate Bridge views and drive. Alcatraz (Go in the morning before the crowds get too big). Lunch at Pier 39 and endless entertainment from the sea lions. Ghirardelli Square for ice cream. Tomasso’s for dinner (small, quaint and very good Italian food). Drinks. The Painted Ladies (Full House is all you need to know). Drove down Lombard Street. Awesome salads at Blue Barn. Shopping on Chestnut and Union. Yum yum sushi at Ace Wasabi’s. Pirate ships. Walking, walking and more walking. Wear comfy shoes or your dogs will be barking all day.

Rose all day at Domaine Chandon.

V. Sattui is the place to enjoy a picnic. Buy a couple bottles of wine, cheese, meats and crackers inside their adorable meat market.

Peju has a beautiful outdoor entrance to hang around. Kudos to the hefty tasting pours we received here and delicious wine!

Del Dotto is a must see for their cave tours. Intimate atmosphere, good taste of music and pretty darn good wine. Bonus: if you take a full tour, they feed you cheese, salami's and pizza at the end!

Jacuzzi has an awesome outdoor patio to enjoy wine with an incredible view of their vineyard. Oh and I almost forgot to mention they have FREE wine tastings! Delicious as well!

Homemade Carrot Cake

I know warmer weather is just around the corner and we are all trying to be good and eat lighter, refreshing menu items buuuuttt Easter is coming and so is the Easter Bunny. Easter Bunny’s love carrots and humans love cake so why not smash those two together and voila! You have a homemade Carrot Cake! This recipe I am sharing with you today is a staple in our household during several holiday or birthday celebrations. I have no idea where this recipe generated from other than my grandmother’s kitchen. Which used to always be a staple in her house while visiting but now her staple is chocolate oatmeal or peanut butter cookies. I am now the one in our family responsible for making this cake for those special occasions which is totally fine by me because I get first dibs on licking the icing off the spatula :)

When it comes to the ingredients of this cake there are a couple of items that I like to buy particular brands of or prepare in a particular way. Why? Because that’s what my grandmother does. I like to peel and shred my own carrots. Now there is a much more convenient way if you are in a hurry or don’t have any type of food processor which is buying the small matchstick carrots in the bag. However, these are still fairly long and need to be diced up a littler smaller. Which is one reason why I like to shred my own because you can get them into much smaller pieces. The other good thing about shredding your own is that the carrots are still full of lots of moisture which I think helps give the cake that moist texture to it. That may not be true but it sounds good ha! The other ingredient I want to talk about is the vegetable oil. Wesson Vegetable Oil. Why? Again, because that’s what my grandmother uses and specifically wrote on the list of ingredients and I haven’t steered away from it. But, I assure you to try any brand ingredients you have on hand or that you like to buy. This is not a sponsored post, just my good ol’ trusty recipe telling me what to do!

I hope that everyone has a very Happy Easter in celebrating our Savior!


Who I am & Why I am here

Welp, here we go. It's my first blog post and I am here to tell you who I am and why I am here. 

Who am I? I am a tall brunette, in my 30's, living in the south. Go Vols! I am married to the man whom when I met for the first time my heart skipped a beat. And thanks to my choice of college, this fluttering heart was able to grow into a true love for this man! (Insert cheesy smile)

 Olympiapark Munich, Germany

Olympiapark Munich, Germany

I am someone that you can always find looking for somewhere to travel. Whether that be a new or old stomping ground, there is always an adventure waiting! I also LOVE food and my most favorite has got to be Italian. I get it from my Nonna. That's grandmother in Italian and yes she is a full-blooded Italian which makes me a little pasta noodle myself! Her and my mom have always been my inspiration to enjoy being in the kitchen cooking and baking. There is nothing better than sitting down at the table with family/friends enjoying a meal that you crafted in the kitchen.

I enjoy working out and sweating. I think sweating is a great detox to the body and it always feels so refreshing when you get done with an intense workout or yard work in the blistering hot sun (always finding a way to get in some tan time). 

Speaking of a nice refresh. Being outside is refreshing in itself. Which leads me to tell you that I have recently become acquainted with the sport of deer hunting. This is something that my husband has loved his whole life so why am I just becoming a fan of it? Oh wait, probably because I am not a morning person. Most of my friends think I am crazy to want to get up at the butt crack of dawn (again: I am not a morning person) to sit in a tree. Ya'll believe it or not, being in the woods is so peaceful but yet an adrenaline rush at the same time.

Despite it sounding like all I enjoy doing is rolling around in the dirt and sweating, I do love me some shopping and fashion. I like to keep up with the trends and attempt to try things that maybe I usually wouldn't. Step out of your comfort zone every now and then. You may find something you never thought you would love!

A few other things about me. I laugh A LOT. I love snow but gosh I love the sand in my toes while gazing into the crystal blue water. I love a wide range of music. I have several TV shows I keep a close watch on. I love ice cream. I love stealing as many cuddles as I can from our labradoodle Coach. You should probably follow him on Instagram

Now that you know a little bit more about me, why am I here? I am here because just like so many of you out there, I love doing life, making the most of it and sharing my adventures and what better way to influence people to enjoy life than right here. So, hello old and new friends! Let's take this journey so that we can all take delight in the things we love and flourish in them!

- Sara